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  • Art Dials Enamel Dials

    Works of art on the dials

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Engraving Dials

The engraving consists in the creation of various decorations according to a more or less accentuated relief. The principle of chasing is based on the ductility of the precious metals used. The carving is carried out using a chisel on which a light hammer blow will be applied.


The bas-relief is an engraving technique that stands out when you look at the sculpture coming off the dial weakly.

Miniature Painting

The support is covered with white enamel usually or color. When the base is enamelled we work on the miniature painting using metal oxides mixed with oil. Once the paint has been fired, we can add layers of filler (transparent enamel) that will protect it and give the pattern and colors a depth effect.


The technique of the cloisonné is to fix on a metal plate, thin "strips" of metal which will give the shape of the pattern and constitute the features of the drawing. The opaque or translucent enamel is then deposited in the cells determined by the pattern.


Technique approaching painted enamel. The metal oxides are replaced by an enamel of a pasty consistency, called the white Limoges that works in successive layers on a black enamel background or a very dark color.


The technique of plique-à-jour also call the technique of stained glass or cloisonné updated After cooking, the enamel is fixed to the metal partitions and has no background, which allows the light of the through the enamels used for this technique are therefore all transparent. The effect is the stained glass windows of the churches. The metals used are mostly gold and silver.